Feels great to declutter a bit and sell off/give away some items we no longer need.

Bought a bag of Kicking Horse Coffee beans that were on sale. Apparently my tastes have changed as this coffee tastes burnt. Bit of a mistake to branch out from my normal bean purchases.

I’m beginning to really hate banks. They seem so hostile and will nickel and dime me to death.

Using this mug always reminds me of the great family time we had at Disneyland.

I took Heart for a walk at Thetis today. First rainy walk in a while and it was a blast. I got a little lost while exploring some trails. Getting back on track involved a very steep ascent which required me to heft Heart up a section that was too steep for her. Fun and fun.

At Christmas we received this Popcorn On The Cob. We made it recently and it was very cool and a neat illustration for the kids to see where food comes from. It was very easy to make. Put the cob into a paper bag and put that in the microwave for 2 minutes.