Wonderful Whisky tasting last night. My two standouts were the SMWS 121.94 (16 yr old first full bourbon cask) and the Tokaji Aszu.

Definitely feeling under the weather today. I’m taking a day for myself and doing nothing to try and recuperate.

Yay me! #sarcasm
Thx for the kudos Spotify, but I’m not sure this is something to be proud of. I’ve been a paying customer for close to 2 years and use it 5 days a week. Is that the definition of casual listener?

Just saw a Zamboni and a fire truck meet at a 4 way stop. It struck me as an amusingly Canadian that there was a zamboni on the streets.

Love watching the hummingbirds drinking from the feeder. They zip in and out so quickly. Some perch to feed and some hover. Very entertaining.