First iOS 12 beta issue I found is super minor. I used Siri to add Cream Cheese to a shared Groceries list. The confirmation is missing a space between the ‘your’ and the list name. Weird. Confirmed it on my iPad too.

I installed iOS12 beta on my iPhone 6S the other day. So far I am super impressed with it. Battery life and phone performance seem improved. Notification changes are stellar. DND changes are great too. Can’t wait to try Shortcuts.

I really hate that I can add things to my Amazon wish list then when that item is no longer available my wish list gets messed up. Leave the item there so I can see what it was but prevent me from ordering it. This would allow me to find a replacement.

My daughter is getting upset at Netflix due to them removing content. I totally get it. Drives me nuts too.

Great ride with Sue yesterday. Great temp and no wind, plus great company!

Rough start to the morning. The pets were awake at 5am. It’s 7:30 and I am already on my second cup of coffee. Ugh.

Wonderful Whisky tasting last night. My two standouts were the SMWS 121.94 (16 yr old first full bourbon cask) and the Tokaji Aszu.

Definitely feeling under the weather today. I’m taking a day for myself and doing nothing to try and recuperate.

Yay me! #sarcasm
Thx for the kudos Spotify, but I’m not sure this is something to be proud of. I’ve been a paying customer for close to 2 years and use it 5 days a week. Is that the definition of casual listener?